Our services are free - there are no hidden costs or membership fees - and we can secure some valuable extras including first and business class air fairs at impressive discounts.


E.T.C. offers personalized holiday and travel management to it's prestigious Elite collection of the finest luxury experiences throughout the world.. E.T.C. and DestinationElite also offer great business and vacation opportunities ranging from night diving near the Great Barrier Reef, horseback riding in Tibet to elephant polo and sunrise at the Taj Mahal in India, lunch on a 'disappearing island' in Thailand, Harley Davidson touring in Bali and flying by helicopter to the rim of a volcano in New Zealand or skydiving over the Himalayas. Expeditions to the Antarctic, big Nights out in London, Rome, Paris and Los Angeles.

All you need to do is find your preferred DestinationElite Destination, Cruise, Retreat, Island, Adventure or Resort and click on the E.T.C. button.

Your journey begins there!


E.T.C will design and develop a unbeatable packaged offers of unique experiences not easily replicated which are competitively priced., F&J Air travel Long Hall and the finest of Hotels, Resorts and Cruises .

For companies, it's all about helping you motivate, communicate, thank and reward your valuable clients and trusted employees. For private individuals, we offer bespoke, confidential and creative experience around the world - be it a private family holiday or a once in a lifetime celebratory event

Our aim is simple; to create life enhancing, memorable, enriching experiences through the medium of travel.

To help plan your journey today, visit all of our site then click the E.T.C button to take the first step!


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