Banyan Tree Ringha


Banyan Tree Ringha: Set against the backdrop of the enchanting Temple of the Five Wisdom Buddhas, Ringha Valley faces the spectacular Ringha River in Shangri-La, China. Located 3,600m above sea level, Shangri-La is one of the three counties that make up the Diqen Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture in Yunnan. Banyan Tree Ringha offers 15 beautiful 1-bedroom Tibetan suites, 11 rustic 2-bedroom Tibetan lodges and 6 exquisite Spa Suites. Each room comes with a luxuriously designed bathroom fitted with a handcrafted wooden bathtub.


Banyan Tree Ringha consists of Tibetan farmhouses, which the resort group had purchased, taken down and reconstructed in the traditional style of meticulously piling the logs one on top of another in a new site at Ringha Valley. The interior is beautifully decorated with contemporary Tibetan art and crafts, featuring exquisitely woven rugs and attractive drapes in bright and vibrant colours. The lobby with a blazing fireplace, restaurant, bar lounge and library will also be located in the Tibetan houses. Here, guests will have a chance of experiencing the traditional Tibetan way of life, such as porters pulling a yak and carriage, food carried on poles and eating from steaming hotpots.

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