Scenic Eclipse

Launching on 31 August 2018, Scenic Eclipse will embark on her maiden voyage from Istanbul to Venice before sailing to The Americas; Antarctica; Europe and The Mediterranean; and the Arctic and Norwegian Fjords.

Designed to deliver a truly once-in-a-lifetime experience for just 228 guests, Scenic Eclipse takes ocean cruising to a whole new level - marrying luxury, discovery and safety, and giving guests the opportunity to explore above and beyond what was previously imaginable.

All-Inclusive Luxury

From the moment you step on board you will be surrounded by unparalleled luxury. From opulent suites and 5-star on board amenities, to attentive service and world-class cuisine; your every wish is granted on Scenic Eclipse. Akin to the finest hotels in the world, your time on board will be one of the greatest luxury experiences you’ll ever have.

From the ultimate spa experience to the spacious lounges and bars, outdoor terraces, pool and jacuzzis, not to mention the theatre and of course your own private verandah, the luxurious wonders on board Scenic Eclipse never cease. 

All cruises include:

  • 100% verandah suites
  • Unlimited complimentary beverages including mini-bar replenished daily
  • All meals on board
  • Choice of six dining options – from casual fare to fine dining
  • Butler service for every guest
  • Expert local guides
  • Shore excursions
  • Bottled water for all shore excursions and chef-prepared picnics available
  • Late night menu
  • Cocktails to your room
  • Zodiac, kayak and snorkelling adventures
  • E-bikes
  • On board entertainment and lectures
  • Complimentary Wi-Fi internet
  • Complimentary self-service guest laundry
  • Personalised airport transfers
  • All tipping, gratuities and porterage


Scenic Eclipse gives you exclusive access to some of the world's most spectacular and least visited locations. From local tours to Zodiac, kayak, snorkeling, scuba diving, helicopter and submarine excursions, guests can enjoy exclusive access to locations larger ships can't reach. From Antarctica to the Caribbean, Greek Islands to the Norwegian Fjords, we’ll offer a range of helicopter and submarine excursions that will let you venture above, below and beyond anything you’ve ever imagined – enabling you to discover a whole new world.

We use a combination of Cruise Directors, local guides and our expert Discovery Team Leaders to ensure our guests’ needs are fully catered to. Not only can you expect to be taken to the must-see highlights, you’ll be treated to those little-known gems that no one else is aware of.

You're In Safe Hands

From the first ocean-going vessels thousands of years ago, the quest to design and build even better yachts that could withstand the elements has been ongoing. Scenic has taken all that experience and built the safest, most technologically advanced discovery yacht in the world. Featuring world-class internal safety features, the very best in dynamic positioning and a high polar rating, even the roughest of ocean stretches will have minimal impact on our guests.

Scenic Eclipse will have custom-built stabilisers that are 50% larger than other ships. Fitted with state-of-the-art fins that can adjust themselves to cope with even the biggest swells, Scenic Eclipse will remain steady, even at zero speeds. This innovation is especially important for our Polar cruises.

Along with an ice strengthened hull, we have two engine rooms in separate fire zones, two wheel houses and two galleys and refrigeration units. Guests’ safety and comfort remains our number one priority.

Scenic Eclipse will have an Ice Class 1A Super (Polar Class 6 in the new classification system)* polar rating, enabling navigation through Arctic and Antarctic waters in summer. Our cruises will be limited to 200 guests in these regions which gives us access to the broadest range of landing sites.

We’ve pushed the boundaries to discover even greater levels of comfort and safety for our guests, including state-of-the-art engineering and a stunning external design drawing inspiration from the sleek contours of a mega-yacht. Rather than a traditional anchor, which provides little stability, dynamic positioning utilises GPS to ensure accurate and secure mooring, no matter where in the world we are and is also a far more environmentally conscious way to control the ship. Our commitment to the environment continues with advanced water treatment systems and efficient low impact engines.

*Subject to regulatory approval.


No matter what your passion or wanderlust, we have a cruise for you. From the top of the world to Antarctica and everything in between, we've got it covered. Settle into your luxurious home-away-from home, Scenic Eclipse and let us help you discover a whole new world.


Remote, pristine and undeniably beautiful, Antarctica is unlike any place on earth. Explore this icy wonderland from every angle with Zodiacs, kayaks, helicopters and submarines to take you above, below and beyond.

The Arctic & Fjords

Journey to the top of the world in the ultimate comfort and luxury. The Arctic and Norwegian Fjords offer up some of the most spectacular scenery in the world including an abundance of wildlife and the spectacular Northern Lights.

Europe & The Mediterranean

Let Scenic Eclipse introduce you to the wonders of the Mediterranean. From the romance of Venice and the exotic delights of Turkey to the feistiness of Spain and the rare gems of Morocco, your journey will introduce you to a whole new Europe.

The Americas

From the white sand beaches and perfect islands of Cuba and the Caribbean to the epic mountain ranges and wildlife of the West Coast of South America sit back and enjoy exploring one of the most spectacular places on earth.


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